Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, unless they’re fake!

So how do you detect a fake diamond? If you are unfamiliar with a diamond’s components and overall structure, purchasing this rare commodity can prove to be challenging. If you find yourself questioning whether or not your diamond is real, consider the following ways to detect a fake.

  • Is your jeweler reputable? This is especially important when buying from online auction websites like Ebay. Your seller should be able to produce proper certification (IGI, EGL, GIA, IGI, AGS,) for your diamond purchase.
  • What does your Diamond look like when held up to the light? Using your eyes to determine whether a diamond is real can prove a bit tricky. Some faux diamonds can fool experts, and often tools are needed to verify the authenticity. However, a basic technique you can try is the reflection test. When light passes through a diamond it reflects shades of grey. If any other color is reflected, it suggests your diamond could be of poor quality or even… a fake.
  • Can you identify the metal your diamond is set in? Your diamond is not likely set in a metal that isn’t precious or is of poor quality. See if you can identify what metal your ring is made from.

All in all the best way to prevent yourself from acquiring a fake, is to educate yourself and get familiar with a diamond’s components and identification markers.